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Christianity and Pluralism

    Our technological society and the rise of the global economy, combined with the focus on multicultural education in our schools and universites, have combined to create a world in which we are constantly confronted with people and ideas of other faiths. How do we reconcile this with the exclusive claims of orthodox Christianity? Are we arrogant to state that ours is the only one of the many religions which is true? Or all are religions basically the same at some lower level? How can we respond both to our confessed faith and others whose beliefs are different?

  • Jesus and the World Religions
    Is is truly pluralism to acribe some measure of value to all religions? " In other words, it might turn out that we could give a strong affirmative answer to the question, Is Jesus Christ the unique mediator of salvation? and still both show respect for other religious people and include them in the final consummation of all things for which we have reason, only in Christ, to hope."
  • Defending Diversity
    Is it possible to defend religion in the name of diversity, the reigning moral value on college campuses these days? "Defending religious belief as a form of diversity misses the intense particularity of such commitment."
  • Open Minds
    "G.K. Chesterton once said of his friend H. G. Wells: 'I think he thought that the object of opening the mind is simply opening the mind. Whereas I am incurably convinced that the object of opening the mind, as of opening the mouth, is to shut it again on something solid.'"
  • The Death of the God Beyond God
  • The Flatlander's Creed
  • The Problem With Liberalism
    "If you really believe that the meaning of tolerance is tolerating, then you ought to tolerate even intolerance. If you really believe that the best foundation for tolerance is to avoid having any strong convictions at all about right and wrong, then you shouldn't have a strong conviction that intolerance is wrong. If you really believe that when you do have strong convictions you should refuse to express or act upon them, then your tolerance should be a dead letter; it should be one of the things you are pusillanimous about."
  • The Fallacy of Contextualism
    Basically, this is the "Is it an objective truth that there are no objective truths?" argument with enough big words to impress your philosophy professor.
  • How To Think About Secularism
    "The absolutely worst way to respond to the challenge of secularism is to adapt to secular standards in language, thought, and way of life. If members of a secularist society turn to religion at all, they do so because they are looking for something other than what that culture already provides. It is counterproductive to offer them religion in a secular mode that is carefully trimmed in order not to offend their secular sensibilities."

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